Variable Speed Drill Press

bench top drill press

The variable speed drill press is mainly used for drilling holes in various materials. This tool is of great help in different constructions such as wood and metal works. The variable speed drill press functions with the help of a rotating bit which is commonly used to make holes. The rotating bit presents a chuck at its end that provides different gripping options.

The Functions of Variable Speed Drill Press

This tool is appropriate to complete various drilling operations such as:

  • Pedestal drilling
  • Pillar drilling
  • Bench drilling
  • Masonry drilling
  • Oil drilling
  • Twist drilling

This drill press presents two distinct types, the Manually Powered and the Minority Drive Engine drills. The Manually Powered Drill is a tool which runs on compressed air or electricity. The other machine presents an internal combustion engine that drives the tool. One drill machine model is the earth drilling press.

Components of the Variable Speed Drill Press

This type of drill press contains components which ensure its best functionality. The following parts represent the structure of the machine:   

  • Drill Head: The drill head is adjustable and provides the operations by holding a drill that comes in various dimensions. The drill has to be chosen accordingly to the size of the holes.
  • Spindle: This part is essential in providing the right positioning and movement of the machine’s drill head.
  • Table: The table offers the right support for various utilities. Some drills come with adjustable tables which provide a great option as they ensure very reliable working beds. Pinions or racks usually move these adjustable tables. Additionally, some models provide counterbalanced tables that provide the option to rotate the working bed into a perpendicular position.
  • Base: The base of the variable speed drill press offers the appropriate mechanism for drilling purposes. It shows three handles which radiate from the central hub. The base can be easily moved vertically, thing that provides the right adjustments for various works.

In order to make sure that the variable speed drill press you are about to purchase is the right one, you have to know what size you need. The size of any drilling machine is given by the swing. The swing size is actually provided by the throat distance multiplied by 2. The throat distance needs to be measured from the spindle’s center to the pillar’s edge. As an example, the 16-inch variable speed drill press presents an 8-inch throat distance.  

The Advantages of the Variable Speed Drill Press

As any other drilling machine, this drill press presents specific advantages. Some of these are:  

  • A continuous variable transmission engine
  • Adjustable speed which is a great feature especially in providing accurate drilling
  • Secured operations which are also ensured by the adjustable speed provided by the machine
  • Numerous mechanical benefits such as machine reliability and long durability

The variable speed drill press requires less effort in completing the drilling operations. This actually ensures the advantages of completing more operations in the same time as the work is less tiring for the worker. Additionally, the variable speed drill press provides clamps for the table which lock the piece securely. This thing ensures more precise drilling which is a great help especially in repetitive operations. Even better, the latest models provide the possibility of adjusting the drilling speed during operations. This way, even the series products can be completed more accurately.